Wednesday 21 April, 18:15 – 19:00 CEST (12:15 – 13:00 EDT)

Corporate investment in nature and Net-zero

Business is critical to catalyzing the investments in nature required to meet Paris Agreement targets whilst simultaneously transitioning to net-zero pathways through Natural Climate Solutions (NCS).

This session will navigate the diverse opportunities that NCS presents through off-setting and in-setting approaches; explore positive biodiversity as well as social impacts and safeguards; share best-practice regarding corporate climate strategies; and highlight pilot studies accounting for carbon removals from land use.

The session will also weave together ongoing work between WBCSD projects on Natural Climate Solutions, Scaling Positive Agriculture and Nature Action, along with new developments from the NCS Alliance and the GHG Protocol Update. The discussion will examine how companies from diverse sectors can deploy NCS in a robust and cohesive manner as part of corporate net-zero strategies for the benefit of climate, nature and people.


  • Thomas Baird, Head of External Relations, Gas, Renewables & Energy Solutions, Shell
  • Gabriela Burian, Multi-Stakeholders Global Partnerships Lead, Bayer A.G.
  • Alberto Arribas, Europe Lead, Microsoft Corporation

21 April, Day Three - Americas (repeat): All sessions and Overview agenda

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