We have evolved our pricing model to enable greater access to WBCSD events, both online and in-person.

WBCSD members who have opted for an Enhanced Package receive their associated registration codes by e-mail. For any inquiries about packages or the registration process, please contact

Registration is now closed.

Payment method
By credit card only.

Group discount
When purchasing individual event tickets, a 50% discount applies to any third and subsequent participant (the discount does not apply to in-person tickets if the two precedent purchases were online tickets).

Global Network partners
Global Network partners benefit from a 50% discount. Discount code has been sent by email.

Transfer and refund policy
In appreciation of the planning challenges in the current context and to offer our members utmost flexibility, each event ticket can be transferred to another person within the same company at any time, prior to the event start, upon request. Please kindly note that due to administrative charges, we do not make any refund on event tickets as long as our meeting is held.