Sustainability at the WBCSD Council Meeting Tokyo 2022


  • Sustainable events seek to reduce environmental impact all the while promoting inclusion and diversity, equal opportunities and support for local economies. 


  • As we mobilize businesses in addressing the key challenges of climate emergency, nature loss and inequity, we seek to organize events that support these objectives by reducing, eliminating or offsetting our negative environmental impacts whilst creating value for local communities. 
  • In alignment with our overarching strategy, we respect diversity and inclusion, and choose to work with suppliers and partners guided by the same principles of sustainability and long-term value generation.


  • The sustainability measures at our Council Meeting in Tokyo seek to demonstrate our commitment to organizing more sustainable events with co-benefits for the environment and the communities who support them.

Our sustainability measures at the Tokyo Council Meeting have three pillars


Reduction & offsetting of emissions associated with the conference venue at Hilton Shinjuku


Flexible participation through hybrid and facilitation of travel offset through easy-access to partner platforms

  • Travel emissions will be reduced through online participation
  • Upon completion of their registration, in-person participants have the possibility to offset their travel related emissions through a travel offset link provided by our member South Pole.

Sustainable procurement and tracking of emissions associated with event delivery

  • Prioritization of local suppliers, sustainable materials and products in alignment with UNEP Sustainable Events Guide
  • Event emissions tracking in collaboration with our Events Agency 2heads and Trace by Isla, a specialized carbon footprint calculation platform for event professionals

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